The Mystery Of Alien Thief

Amazon Kindle Link: Click Me Story: Vedika and Kunal Illustrations: Creative Knot Language: English Pages: 20 Size: 7 inch x 9 inch Binding Style: Kindle Price (INR): ₹ 10 Summer vacation was here! Apoorv had a lot of work to do. He sat down to finish his homework on the boring chapter of 'Global Warming'. But what? Suddenly, there was darkness all over the sky and Apoorv heard some whispering sounds. When he went up the attic with his dog Drooly, there were three green creatures with large heads and lash-free round eyes. One of them fired a gun and Drooly just vanished. Why had Aliens come and taken Drooly? Could Apoorv solve the mystery? Find out all in this book.

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